Write drunk,…..Ernest Hemingway

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Whether Hemingway said it or not, it’s good advice.

Unfortunately, Reddit’s format is not conducive to editing, and I’m addicted to Reddit.

So it goes.

I admit that I’ve posted some really dipshit comments over the years, mostly while after work while drinking late at night, but I still maintain that the idiot LGBT mod who banned me for life for disputing his (yes, it wasn’t a woman) censorship of people who asked for pics of transgender posters. I wasn’t even asking for pics of trans people, I was simply defending the right of people to ask for photos and the right of people to either post photos or not.

Free speech, indeed.

Anyway, lots of Redditors supported my position, and clued me in to r/ainbow, which is a far more open and supportive subReddit than r/LGBT.

Pardon me for ranting off on a tangent. I’ve had a few shots of tequila, and here I am back on reddit without an editor and an axe to grind.

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