“When faced with two choices…”-Anonymous

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>the decision in question is often between what you want to do and that which you believe you should do.

I often find that when I have a difficult choice to make, I am trying to convince myself to do one of them, even though I know it is the less logical choice. Once I realize that the decision is only between what I logically think I should do, and what my heart really wants, I go for the thing I want to do.

It is similar to the coin flip. If you flip the coin and realize that you really hope it is one of the two choices, then you know what your heart really wants. Even if it isn’t logical.

Does this method always work out for me? No, of course not. There are bad consequences for ignoring the more logic choice. But if it would be something really bad, or harmful to others (for example) I don’t have a decision to make, I just don’t do it. It’s when the choice is *hard* and not so clear cut that I go with my heart.

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