The Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon. Tr. by A. Waley. 1928. This is the only book in my library that was once in Sylvia Beach’s bookshop/lending library. When you open it up, you get this. And more.

The_Pillow_Book_of_Sei_Shnagon._Tr._by_A._Waley._1928._This_is_the_only_book_in_my_library.jpg Share this on Facebook download .zip with all pictures

Packing my library.

This is always an exercise in provoking chaos out of order. With each book pulled off the shelf comes a torrent of memories: a city, an age, a bookshop, and the people around me while I was reading. Handling these books, peering inside, finding pressed flowers and old post cards, stirs up memories of invisible cities. Some of the bookshops where I bought them are no longer around. The cities where they’d been have themselves changed.

There are a few here that have been with me since my San Francisco days, bought mostly in City Lights. Many date from when I was a young buck bookseller in NYC. Back then, my days off were mostly spent scouting second-hand shops and street-vendor stalls on the Lower East Side. But the lion’s share of the books I bought here in Europe. Seems I can sense every bookshop within a country kilometer. Have built up a neat little collection of books from some far-flung, unlikely places. When I look at my library now, there are the books, and then there are the stories behind the books, as far as I know them.

Time for me and all these stories to go back to Paris. I hope this is the last move we make for a very long time.

*Homage to Walter Benjamin’s Unpacking My Library, which I read every damned time I pack up these books. Gives me hope.

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