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Aww, I was going to go on a rant if you were US! You know your shit though. First past the post is awful because it always does yield two parties, but I still argue that this is the case because “my fellow Americans” don’t vote for a third party. It’s a viscous circle. You don’t want to waste your vote on a third party that won’t win and that third party will never win because nobody wants to spend their vote there. Individual votes count, but they don’t matter, it’s impossible to waste a vote. I believe if there were a campaign to vote third party in this country perhaps the libertarian and the green party could replace the republican and democratic parties respectively. Of course, who would fund this? What corporation or foundation would invest in the campaign of third parties when this system has been serving them so well for so long? None. The money corporations and foundations throw around during elections matter, even if they’re votes, as an entity, don’t even count.

I mean I guess a parliamentary system can’t be worse than what we have in the US, but I still can’t get over the fact that you don’t directly elect your congressmen. I suppose if the party picked a candidate that no one would have voted for to have a seat they don’t deserve no one would vote for that party next election. Democracy is so frustrating, it’s easily the worst system except for all the others.

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