Found a 1981 Heirloom Library edition of Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain” in a DC bookshop. Gorgeous edition! (Album in comments)

Found_a_1981_Heirloom_Library_edition_of_Thomas_Manns_The_Magic_Mountain_in_a_DC_b.jpg Share this on Facebook download .zip with all pictures

A favorite quote, p. 409 in my edition (Vintage 1969 [Knopf 1927]): Mynheer Peeperkorn:

>I repeat, that therein lies our duty, our sacred duty to feel. Feeling, you understand, is the masculine force that rouses life. Life slumbers. It needs to be roused, to be awakened to a drunken marriage with divine feeling. For feeling, young man, is godlike. Man is godlike, in that he feels. He is the feeling of God. God created him in order to feel through him. Man is nothing but the organ through which God consummates his marriage with roused and intoxicated life. If man fails in feeling, it is blasphemy; it is the surrender of His masculinity, a cosmic catastrophe, an irreconcilable horror—

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