“Curious that we spend more time…” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Best quote I have seen on here since I subscribed. Tyson is one of my new found heroes. My brother and I were talking recently about the important things we can do while we are alive and both agreed that perhaps the most important thing we can do is just talk to people. It’s very difficult these days to strike up conversations with random people when you are say, waiting for your tires to be rotated. Everyone has their phone out and chooses to not engage. You never know what that person sitting there is going through. We all got shit we are going through.

It also makes me sad how desensitized I have become to homeless people or any other social outcast. I just try to avoid eye contact and hope they don’t walk up to my window. Sometimes we don’t realize how a little conversation can affect someone. I’m not going to say my words are going to end poverty but I think if I was homeless I would want respect more than money. Just someone to ask if I was OK. If I could use a sandwich or an old blanket. I don’t know, sorry about the random digression but I just think that if we did little things to help people realize that others care and we see them as humans it could go a long way. It might even give them the hope they need to change their life. Maybe not, maybe today is not the day that they are going to really hear you, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying the next day.

Call me an idealist but I hope some of my idealism lasts until the day I die. I like to call it hope.

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