Top 1000 Quotes

“Opinions don’t affect facts…” Ricky Gervais

Ah, the all too trite response that every card carrying atheist uses to find wonder in banal truths like the one Gervais is pushing. Whence come second “opinions” then? When people seek second opinions, are they implicitly saying that a doctor is irrational? Doubtful,

“We stopped checking for monsters under our beds…”

[Here’s the source image]( by the wonderful ~[WhatThe]( on DeviantArt. The download link has sizes up to 2560×1600. Edit: and if you only care about the text, [here’s]( the fucking-huge original work, before WhatThe created wallpaper-ratio version.

“Do not judge by appearances…” – Scottish Proverb

They are complimentary proverbs with different messages. They both show an inverse relationship between outward and inward appearances, but OP’s proverb encourages us to look beyond the exterior and get at what really matters *inside of a human being* while the above proverb cautions

A life is like a garden – Leonard Nimoy

The answer is to not think about it. Focus on the positive, stop and smell the roses. Life can be bitter, cruel, and uncaring; and sometimes you get chewed up, swallowed, and digested by it. But then there are the times that you find

“Every shot that kills…”Gilbert Parker

I think you’re taking the quote too literally. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about every outlier in context. With things like these you either take them completely on faith of their literalness by their quote maker, or you try and use your own perception

“From my rotting body…” – Edvard Munch

Reminds me of my favorite poem, by cowboy poet Wallace McRae (advance apology for my inability to format it correctly): “What does Reincarnation mean?” A cowpoke asked his friend. His pal replied, “It happens when Yer life has reached its end. They comb yer

Life has the tendency to fall apart… – Hemingway

Just to set the record straight, though I do love this quote: Redditor blacktarpavement: “Only Hemingway never said that. A fictional female character he wrote in an unfinished book called ‘Garden of Eden’ said that. And it makes sense, since she was batshit insane.