Top 1000 Quotes

‘The Idea That Some Lives Matter Less…”

When we’re born, we come into the world as clean slates. Each one of us is growing every day, and every single person is capable of so much more than they are currently exercising. I think comparing people in career choices and whatnot isn’t

“She was my sea” -J. Faulkner

It’s all about perspective. Everyone who’s telling you to cheer up has already been through that shit and knows the other side is there. It’s easy to look back on a painful experience you’ve been through, point to the turning point, and say “see,

“The bad artists imitate …” Banksy?

Graffiti in America has a long history of being almost exclusively associated with gang activity. So while most people think Banksy’s works are brilliant, significant pieces of art, all the city sees it as is graffiti and any and all graffiti is bad as

“The old Lakota was wise…” Luther Standing Bear

Actually they got pushed out of Minnesota by Euro settlers. They were also historically *lucky*, at least up to a point. Due to their proximity to settlers during a Polio(?) outbreak, the Lakota received vaccinations, which gave them quite an advantage in population when

Do not regret growing older … – Unknown.

In this case it’s not really “others have it worse” so much as “it’s better than the alternative”. You never really had the option of not growing old but also living. Once that option becomes available Snapple will obviously need to retire this quote,

“The quicker we all realize…” Joe Rogan

yes. this makes a lot of sense if you don’t assign a value judgement to the word “ignorant”, which essentially only means not knowing something. (e.g. “I am ignorant of what the Higgs Boson represents for theoretical physics”) as an allegory, consider the idea

“Write drunk; edit sober.” – Ernest Hemingway

This sounds like something Hemingway might say, but as far as I understand, it’s not verified that he said it. I did find [this]( >“Write drunk, edit sober” sounds good, but the problem is that it’s not by Hemingway. The quote is all over