Top 1000 Quotes

Write drunk,…..Ernest Hemingway

Whether Hemingway said it or not, it’s good advice. Unfortunately, Reddit’s format is not conducive to editing, and I’m addicted to Reddit. So it goes. I admit that I’ve posted some really dipshit comments over the years, mostly while after work while drinking late

“Art should disturb the comfortable…” – Banksy

I rather think both authors took artistic license here, sacrificing universality for pith. I mean, can a journalist who exclusively reports on the latest high school football scores *really* be said to be afflicting the comfortable? If they’re doing that, they might well get

“If you’re not careful…” – Malcolm X

Oh there’s far better examples than fox. All fox does is report. Furthermore, they’re just one piece in the intentional propagandizing and polarization of America. Sure, they’re obvious because their role in this farce is to play the villain. But the point is that

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.” – Tupac Shakur

Trying to give you the benefit of the doubt on that first comment for being ignorant but now I don’t know if you’re trolling me or just a person who thinks only their style matters. To each their own with different styles and what

“Society is like a stew…” Edward Abbey

Well *I* read it as, you know, don’t be afraid to cause a ruckus, shake some foundations up with new ideas if it’s the right time for them! Basically just be contemporary, don’t get hung up on traditionalism *too much* just because it’s already

“We are all going to die.” -Charles Bukowski

My favorite poem by him Somethings knocking at the door By Charles buwkoski a great white light dawns across the continent as we fawn over our failed traditions, often kill to preserve them or sometimes kill just to kill. it doesn’t seem to matter:

“Never argue with stupid people…” – Mark Twain

Imagine! Losing an argument, and to a simpleton! Preposterous! Just be comfortable in your vast superiority and ignore what those awful people have to say. After all, it’s better to save face and just end the argument with “I’m right and you’re stupid. Good

Rivers of blood ~Carl Sagan

yeah dude i think that’s what I said, and I think you’re misinterpreting what I meant. All the pieces are already there it just takes us DOING something to implement those pieces. An example would be Einstein he barely beat out one other physicist

When you are happy

Not sure if it’s because I’ve read this quote a few times before, but I literally just did this to myself yesterday. It’s an odd sensation, heart-warming in a weird way.

“It’s important to remember…” -Anonymous

I didn’t call you an idiot. I said “thick-headed”, meaning you’ve made it difficult for anything to get inside your head. “Basic language” doesn’t have a complete authority over how words are interpretted. If it did, then “poetic license” would essentially be impossible. And
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