Top 1000 Quotes

“Be who you are…” – Dr. Seuss

One of the problems is that we as a society don’t value sincerity. We would rather have a comforting lie than an uncomfortable truth. This quote moves toward solving that problem, in aggregate. The effect of this quote is many. One, that we then

“A small but noteworthy note….” – Markus Zusak

Germany was training battalions for Chiang Kai Shek long before Germany and Japan became allies. Those battalions defended Shanghai during the Japanese invasion of the mainland, they were pretty much destroyed in the process. However, they were so professional that the Japanese, who took

“What is better?” – Paarthurnax

I’m not so sure that I agree with you on New Vegas’ lawful good playthrough being bad. I personally would consider the best lawful good to be something along these lines: – Main Line: Yes Man/Independent New Vegas (get NCR and Legion out of

“The hardest job kids face today…” Fred Astaire

Well, it certainly weakens the argument. If **every** generation has thought this, then we should be living in a complete nightmare of violence and hatred by now. Even though the news may mislead, things have actually been getting steadily better for most of human

“What’s it like in space?” -Chris Hadfield

ITT: People whine about grammar and miss the point of the quote. EDIT: Here it is cleaned up some so you stop focusing on it. “People always ask, ‘What’s it like in space? What’s your favorite thing?’ My favorite thing is looking out the

“The Nuclear Arms Race…” Carl Sagan

You are missing the point completely. Nuclear weapons PREVENT wars. What I and others have pointed out is that the existence of nuclear weapons both ended WWII, and prevented WWIII. Since their initial use to bring WWII to an end, they have never been

“Belief in a cruel god…” Thomas Paine

>”…but atheists aren’t claiming ‘God doesn’t exist and I can prove it…'” >”…basically no atheists ever make a claim to positive knowledge there is no god.” Then you are agnostic or you are changing the definition of atheism semantically to be a nebulous and

“You don’t know why you’re exhausted?” – Unknown

It’s just [chronic stress](, it destroys your body, particularly in this case your mind as well. The wiki page is somewhat sparse but read up on it via google maybe. Again, the unhealthy part is chronic, not stress. Meditation can help, and I understand

“We are all in the gutter…” -Oscar Wilde

I never realized how much of an impact Oscar Wilde had on me until I realized my favorite quote by him is “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.” I’m a stand up comedian now. Thank