Top 1000 Quotes

“What luck for rulers..” Adolf Hitler

God, I’ve never heard a better, more impressive quote from Adolf Hitler. I would love a source, however. [This page]( says: >3. Hitler: “What Luck for Rulers that Men Do Not Think” >This alleged quotation by Adolf Hitler is on over 1,700,000 web pages.

“The poorer we are inwardly…” Bruce Lee

I’m not sure I understand you. Having a low self esteem means you feel unworthy and insecure about yourself. Not being comfortable with yourself/never knowing what normal is, can make you search out ways to fill that void, which will never fully satisfy you

“We accept the love…” – Stephen Chbosky

Most people feel that they don’t. Realize that you’re not the only one that feels that way – and that resigning yourself to accepting someone is both harmful to yourself as well as selfish. No one really wins. Use your limited time on this

“I fear the man…” – Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin drank only water. He did not drink beer nor get drunk. In fact there were times during his life while he worked at the press, coworkers would always spend their money on pints of beer, morning, lunch, dinner; and he would always

“The man on top…” – Vince Lombardi

> People are not naturally equal with everything, and opportunity is not equally distributed to all people. OP’s quote is false and your obesity equivalence is false. My point all along is that the differences you’re citing are not significant, thus equality is not