Top 1000 Quotes

“I can’t hear you…” John Oliver

My question to climate change deniers is: why? Who has anything to gain from people believing that humans are causing climate change? Certainly not more funding, as the whole climate change debate makes politicians and companies less willing to provide funding, for fear they’ll

“Cynicism is not wisdom…” – Stephen Colbert

I’ve recently gone nuts reading Stoic philosophers after discovering that most of the ideals I’ve come to hold and share with others over the years, born of my respect of science and logic, were often encompassed by teachings of stoic philosophers thousands of years

“I think is hell is…” Neil Gaiman

If you use the tools of the non-believers and sinners then apparently you go to hell. I’m trying to find the verse now. It was on a sign by a protester and it pointed out that the concept of computers was created by Alan

“On Worrying” – Shantideva

I believe the quote still applies then: If you can do something about the problem, then you presumably don’t have to worry about the negative repercussions (because they can be avoided). If you can’t do anything about the problem, then there’s no *use* in
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