Top 1000 Books Pictures

Lilienfeld Abbey Library, Austria

I love that clasp that holds the door shut. That’s one of the most unique features of this room. Not sure if those were common on doors but they were certainly used on individual bookbindings at the time.

A Home Library Perfect for a Rainy Day

Holy FUCK that scared me. I didn’t notice the… thing… in the center until like 5 seconds in. Then it hit me. Nicely done. I don’t know, I’ve always been camping so the woods at night just seem serene and still to me, especially

Amazon distribution center, Phoenix

To be honest, many of my friends and I *do* buy pretty much everything locally, though I’ll happily grant that we live in an area which is conducive to that sort of thing. Perhaps yours isn’t. Suffice it to say, though, that most people

Bathroom Bookshelf

Yeah, I agree they probably don’t use the tub. I have found that people who have bathtubs that are separate from their shower almost never use their bathtub. My mother insisted on putting a big bathtub in when she remodeled her house and she

My Christmas Haul

I have that HHGTTG, but that Foundation Trilogy is looking beautiful. I’m going to have to go find one for myself since I didn’t get any books for the holiday! Edit: just realized I was replying to your comment. The Martian Chronicles is an

My 1891 copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Coincidentally, I recently finished indexing the new 3rd edition of the “Webster’s New World” edition of *Robert’s Rules* (for Houghton). The editors do a lot of back-and-forth comparisons between this and various earlier editions, showing evolution in the rules. Except for changes to accommodate

sharing my shelf (x post from bookshelf)

[Imgur]( [Imgur]( [Imgur]( [Imgur]( here are a few more pics.I wasn’t sure if anyone on this sub would be interested. I don’t have any valuable books but I am always curious about other peoples shelves. Folks seem to have a lot of mass market

My Don Quixote.

This title page is a mix of the [1871]( and the [1895]( but with a few key differences i.e. spacing, New York Publisher and the lack of date. The cover on the other hand I can find no record of. It’s all really strange.

3 years of Tolkien thrift store finds

Sure, bear with me here, we may take the long way. first thing is to learn about Tolkien’s actual career as a philologist and linguist and the work he did on Beowulf. He was also acutely aware of the Norse Edda and pulls a
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