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A 10,119 page book at the University of Iowa

Good point. It accomplishes the exact purpose for which it was intended. It’s so complicated, working people could never spend enough time to figure out how it actually works, it creates a professional class whose function is to exploit it’s many loop-holes for their

Found this beauty for $1 at a Goodwill outlet.

Honestly, every time I’ve looked at books at Goodwill, they always seem to be no less than $2, no matter what they are–even trade paperbacks. So if I buy used books I just go through the little shop at my local library, because the

Picked up a nice haul from the bookstore today.

Don’t forget D.G Wills in La Jolla. It’s a bit of a trek for me (I’m in South Bay) but he has an amazing selection of books. There’s also the Adams Avenue bookstore in South Park, Fifth Avenue Books in Hillcrest, and Bluestocking Books,

Library-lounge of the B2 hotel in Zurich

If I remember correctly you make the request, and waiters fix the tables and chairs to the floor. Then the floor manager pulls a lever and rotates the room 180 degrees. This places the top-shelf books at ground level, making them closer to reach.

My small, but growing collection

Meh. It’s possible right now to go out and buy a thousand books for a hunded bucks. That wouldn’t be a collection necessarily, just “a lot of books”. Collections have a focus, and the book-count rarely enters into it. I’m not sure what the

Secret Book Door –

You’re the pretentious one; you want less reposted content on a website with billions of page hits simply because you’re on here a lot. You also resort to ad hominem attacks on someone because your argument was flawed and don’t want to admit it;