Top 1000 Books Pictures

My doggie’s new favorite place

Oh, I thought the readers would be able to read English, since there where so many books in English there. Reading the book in German then would be absurd. The original language is always better, especially when you’re reading Wilde. But someone who can’t

Some old books, including Dante

Yes, I know that feeling. I work in a library too. In front of me is an early printed book from 1505 with all the initials handpainted in bright red and blue. I nearly fainted. 🙂

A.D. White Library, Cornell University

This was one of my absolute favorite places on campus when I was a student there. I would spend significant parts of my day on the leather couches by the windows that you can see across from the main entrance. I think that I

In Honor of Banned Books Week According to the American Library Association, The Great Gatsby was: “Challenged at the Baptist College in Charleston, SC (1987) because of ‘language and sexual references in the book.'”

After one year of collecting Folio Society…

They’re for people who want to collect books but can’t afford the truly fine-presses like Arion or Barbarian which can run into the thousands, nor want the mundane hardbacks you get in every store. The mistake I think most people tend to make is

One of my nicer bookcases

That is a freaking sweet Egyptology shelf. Were the Howard Carters hard to find? I have a cheapy paperback version, those vintage hardcovers look great.

My friend’s bookshelf.

“Your friend’s library has nothing on my calibre library!” – no one ever Herein lies my problem with my kindle – I love having all the books in the world at my fingertips, and taking hundreds of books around using barely any bag space.

Modern Colosseum of Books in Vancouver

I stopped by here when I visited Vancouver years ago. Very cool building, and it even had a little “food court” area outside of the library itself. Useless fact for the day: the library appears in the background in Season 1 of BSG. (Other

The Count of Monte Cristo Copyright: 1864

Alright, I got such a good response I figured I’d show off a little more about this book. Here’s the album of illustrations from the first volume of the book. If I get a good response and I have the time today I’ll put

Color-Coded Home Library

I love messing around with the order of my books, and I had them this way for a while. It was actually surprisingly easy to find things, since I can usually picture a book that I’ve read pretty easily, and it ended up grouping

Cozy room at Dartmouth College

A couple years ago, due to a canceled flight, I was stuck at Dartmouth. I spent the day in this room reading. It was nice. [This is the outside of the building](

Illustration from a 1794 Bible

* [Leonard Cohen]( * [Jeff Buckley]( * [Rufus Wainwright]( I’m still waiting on a female performance of this song that I enjoy. Sigh.

My James Joyce library

Glad to see the Campbell front and center. He truly loved Joyce and without him and dont think I could loved/understood as much as I have. An absolutely essential book in the Joyce canon (along with his taped lecture series which is sadly hard

A tiny used book store in Lincoln, UK

Oh one of our favorite book stores ever was a small place like this in Tenby, in Wales. It was run by a crazy old guy who clearly had plenty of money from somewhere else, since the shop was open maybe 3 days a

Thomas Jefferson’s Koran

I just had a private tour of the rare books collection at the Library of Congress where this is stored (it was one of the things they took out to display). None of the curators or librarians used any gloves and they opened the

Reclams Universal-Bibliothek

Starting in the late 80ies they just started publishing some of the books in colored bindings. In the beginning usually special issues of classic texts, dressed in their movie posters, etc. Since the 90ies the colorful bookcovers are used for small, cheap anthologies which

Merlin … on law

This dude was pretty interesting; Minister of Justice, Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, exiled to Holland for 15 years after the Second Bourbon Restoration. Nice find!