Top 1000 Books Pictures

Some of our books, unpacked and organized.

I am not seeing anyone seriously, but even if I was, the idea of “our books” instead of “my books” is completely alien to me. It would be opening up the most special and personal thing about me to another human being. The way

Look What I Just Got In The Mail!!

FYI, this edition of *Gatsby* is cheaper from [Better World Books]( than it is from Amazon. Plus you get free shipping. Plus you support a good cause. They probably have the other books too, didn’t check.

A wise quote from Stephen Fry

As a bookseller I have mixed feelings about this. Kindles are fine for novels and other things things that are only read sequentially. They suck for references. They are really slow to navigate, and you can’t have enough links to overcome this. Their formating

A sweet 3 level bookshelf.

I would not want kids anywhere near this. Imagine someone bumping into this, or throwing a ball at it… Also the glass handrails. Note to self: Never have kids for the sake of having marvelous bookshelves.

My own modest haul today

oh, thanks about the subreddit. Actually this isn’t the complete haul as I also bought a bunch of children’s books for the kids. Cheap too. All together, it was around 46 books and everything was $30. I joined “Fantasy and Science Fiction” course in

Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland

No, unfortunately I don’t think they usually allow photography (since my photos from that trip did not include the interior of the library), so this was taken by someone else. Though in all fairness, white balance doesn’t always have to be at its ideal

Stunning sculpture made from books

I absolutely have an obsession with art done with books. I saw one in a local book shop when I was 6. I had no idea what the book was about, but I had to read it because the carving they created got the

Shelf concept.

Because as you slid all of the books and shelf further away as you added more, you wouldn’t just be adding weight, but increasing the torque. Of course I did go on to say somewhere that that tick of solid wood should hold.

Trinity College Library, Dublin Ireland

I’ve decided that it may be time to start a bucket list: 1) Visit Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. 2) Get excessively drunk in an authentic Irish pub. 3) Start a real, live bar fight and join in if celtic folk rock is

My hardcover & trade paperback collection (close-ups and mass market in comments)

For those of you interested in looking more closesly: * [Abagnale to Gaiman]( * [Gaiman to Keyes]( * [King to Robotham]( * [Rothfuss to Zelazny (plus anthologies & YA)]( * [Comics & Mass Market Paperbacks]( Mostly fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and thrillers. And since I’m

My Home Library

A funny little squeaky sound involuntarily came from my throat when I laid eyes on this. This is almost an exact twin to the ideal library I have in my head.
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