Top 1000 Books Pictures

Books Carved with Surgical Tools –

I’m torn between speechless admiration and whimpering in pain at the thought of cutting up a book like that. Especially since cutting it out of a crappy book wouldn’t be doing the art justice.

The 13th-century Codex Gigas – the “Devil’s Bible”

your pic is actually of the [facsimile]( (the modern photo-reproduction). the [REAL]( Codex Gias is in a condition more in keeping with its age. they would not have ‘restored’ (made to appear new) something like this anyway. at most they would have conserved it

George Lucas’s private library at Skywalker Ranch

I’ve been there before and it’s just stunning if (like I assume most folks on this sub are) you are a lover of books. [Here is another shot]( as well [as an article about it I found.]( Pretty amazing place.

An old piano turned into a bookshelf

This is very likely. I am a piano technician myself, and I confirm that unless the piano is a top brand, repair costs can easily exceed the eventual worth of the repaired piano. So piano’s do often get trashed, which is a good thing,

The Kelmscott Chaucer

It’s the complete works of Geoffrey Chaucer. [This page]( from the British Library gives some history and context. Very few were printed and I know of no place you can read the whole thing online, unfortunately. You can purchase a facsimile edition from Amazon

Leadenhall Market London

Ar yes, I was told about this as a child. *Treat your books well or the evil book faeries will steal them. They skewer them, and string them up from high, to ward off any learned folk that may, in folly, venture into their

Plumber Bookshelves

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