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We are a university and heritage library with a very wide range from modern prints to incunabulae and manuscripts. But also poster, photographs, architectural plans, letters, maps, ephemerea and much much more.

Because the collection dates back to the time of the confiscation of convent and abbey libraries, the collection holds a lot of religious and liturgical titles (e.g. comments on the bible, books of hours). But the collection is also known for its humanistic and reformation works (Erasmus, Virgil, Luther, Calvin). Other sets in the heritage collection deal with: literature, history, architecture, law and legal practice; scientific works about medicine, botanics, mathematics (e.g. Jan Yperman, Dodoens, Stevin) and historical works like chronicles, pamphlets, atlases (e.g. Mercator, Ortelius, Blaeu). The collection of auction catalogues, letters, almanacs, calendars is special as well. Additionally there is a historical collection of newspapers, electoral papers, papyri, manuscripts, ephemera and graphic materials.

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