“Forgiveness is…” – Mark Twain

This is certainly interesting! I personally think that sometimes it just *sounds* like something someone(Mark Twain for example) would say and then people just attribute it to that one poet or writer that we as people see as like “He said it, because he

“The man who does not read ..” – Mark Twain

If we’re putting them in stupid situations, we may as well give them stupid versions of their characteristics. When would someone who can’t read ever be sent to disarm a bomb? Why would a bomb have clear instructions as to how to disarm it?

“Floss your teeth … ” Steve-O

See, I reckon this is BS. Flossing isn’t much of a thing here in the UK/Europe, I don’t know anyone who does it, and I’ve never noticed anyone with bad breath as a result, nor ever been told I have bad breath. Maybe if

Stockholm Public Library

You see, he’s been kept there for a long while trying to read the books. As such, he developed a case of Stockholm Public Library Syndrome. Thanks, I’ll be here all night.

Beauty in Decay

They’re pretty. I know this will make me seem unworldly, but books become less beautiful to me when they’re in languages I don’t understand. Obviously this is my fault for not knowing the languages they’re written in, and not the books’ fault for being

A beautifully detailed versal, same MS as before

Of the folio? Says II Kalands Ianuarii (Dec. 31), presumably when they celebrated the feast of Odilo, the saint whose Life this versal starts. There’s actually a lot of scribbled marginalia in this book. Wasn’t considered a fantastic copy, so who cared?

A 10,119 page book at the University of Iowa

Good point. It accomplishes the exact purpose for which it was intended. It’s so complicated, working people could never spend enough time to figure out how it actually works, it creates a professional class whose function is to exploit it’s many loop-holes for their

“What luck for rulers..” Adolf Hitler

God, I’ve never heard a better, more impressive quote from Adolf Hitler. I would love a source, however. [This page](http://bytwerk.com/gpa/falsenaziquotations.htm) says: >3. Hitler: “What Luck for Rulers that Men Do Not Think” >This alleged quotation by Adolf Hitler is on over 1,700,000 web pages.

“The poorer we are inwardly…” Bruce Lee

I’m not sure I understand you. Having a low self esteem means you feel unworthy and insecure about yourself. Not being comfortable with yourself/never knowing what normal is, can make you search out ways to fill that void, which will never fully satisfy you